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Just back from the Kharlovka and Eastern Litza rivers in Russia, loved fishing your Mark IV salmon reel.

I am considering buying another one or two reels- a 4” Mark IV multiplier and a standard 4 1/4” Mark IV salmon.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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Hi Joe,

Just wanted to let you know that my Saracione fly reels, coupled with the new Sage TCX Model 7126-4, aptly nicknamed the "Death Star", did the job on the legendary "Osenka" or fall run Atlantic salmon of the famed Umba River during my recent trip there from September 10 to 17. In all, I hooked 17 salmon and landed 14 of them. I landed 2 over 20, the largest at 21 pounds and most of the others were between 14 and 20 pounds. Only 3 of the 14 were less than 10 pounds. After landing the 21 pounder, my guide looked at me and said "you made that look way too easy"!.....to which I responded "the fish really do not have much of a chance when confronted with the "Death Star" equipped with a Saracione reel in the hands of an experienced angler. After landing 5 salmon of 16, 16, 18, 19 and 20 pounds on my last day, in addition to all of the other large salmon I landed during this week and the all of the other large salmon I landed on my earlier trip to Norway and Iceland, I really do have to give you a hand.....your reels have not missed a beat all year long, which has resulted in what has been probably my best year ever for salmon fishing and that is saying quite a lot after 37 seasons of salmon fishing! I have attached a few pictures of some of the salmon I caught during my trip to Umba. I will be buying one more of your reels yet this fall, the 3-1/2" model for my trip to the Mirimachi River next July. Can't wait to try that one on a single handed rod with a dry fly! I am looking forward to sending you more amazing reports about your reels soon!

Best regards,

Terry Nab

Hi Joe,

While your new Salmon Reels are absolutely top class, I just have to tell you that my favorite Saracione reel is the oldtimer SCA 3 5/8” reel that I bought from you at least 20 years ago.

This simple click/pawl model has followed me on every salmon fishing trip over the years – caught a whole lot of good fish – and never let me down – apart from a worn out spring. Though it has a few nicks on the frame it looks like new, and causes me great pleasure just to look at – when salmon do not want to corporate. It happens as you know.

Picture is from the bank of the stunning River Lochy in Scotland. The somewhat scarce early May Springers are beautiful sculptured creatures – all are released.

Thanks for doing such a great job.

Steffen Arendrup

Thank you God and your servant Joe for the most beautiful salmon-reel I’ve ever seen !

“Be satisfied now Knut, and pursue this fly-reel madness no further !”, says God. “ Go fishing instead !” “ But Lord, Joe will probably come up with a multiplier or an anti-reverse or perhaps both ?” “Be happy and grateful for what you got ,- remember your wife doesn’t like this at all -, and see how things turn out. First, remember to give Joe and Doelores their due thanks. Mind you that you’re in this situation through my grace, and try to stay sober in mind and body, so you can celebrate your life and your fishing in my honor !”

That’s how it came out after I had unwrapped the reel in my office, and it is very relevant because I’m an avid collector, very much looking also for a Bogdan reel. Greed ? Imbalance ? I’ve learnt that the best medicine for these conditions is simply to endure them until modesty and balance are re-established. Yet, greed and imbalance are there to drive us forwards, I’m a collector, and….

Thanks Joe, you’ll hear from me soon.

Knut E., Norway

Hello Joe,

I'm writing to let you know I finally had a chance to fly fish my new Mark IV Trout Reels during a recent trip to the Upper Columbia, and BOY were they tested!

Jack Mitchell, owner of ‘The Evening Hatch’ calls the river 'The Jurassic' and after spending a few days on it, I now understand why. This is not your average river and nor its quarry your typical rainbow trout. The river is very wide (measured in football fields), deep and flows at 200,000 plus cfs at times with its resident rockery acting as islands/structure which produce gargantuan boils and seams that are constantly moving. The bug hatches of Caddis and Green Drakes are enormous and line the river banks. This perfect storm of nature has created a muscular rainbow that averages 19 inches (about 3lbs) and looks and fights like its steelhead cousin.

There are two ways to fly fish this beast, the first being nymphing, and the preferred sight casting with a dry fly. After rigging up my Saracione 3 1/4s for their maiden voyage, I christened the first with a 20 inch fish and would have been plenty satisfied with just that. Little did I know, the two days to come would yield even greater results. My most memorable experience was sight casting on my last night to a riser after sunset with a Green Drake dry fly. We saw the fish feeding, made a cast and watched the little green soldier drift downstream as a sacrifice. Apparently the gods were pleased, as they rewarded me with a large pair of jaws attached to a noggin. I set to the screams of my buddy, guide, and Saracione. After the longest ten seconds of my life, the tail dancing freight train unbuttoned. This fish would have been my personal best, and certainly the largest of the trip. Somehow, I kept it together, appeased just by having had the experience.

I've included a couple photos from the trip. The first is of Rory, our guide, holding one of my 20 inch fish. The second is of my buddy, Tom McCafferty, and 'Evening Hatch' host and guide, Jack Mitchell, holding one of the five 23-inchers we hooked.

Needless to say, my buddy Tom, and friends who weren't even on the trip, have admitted to reel-envy.

Thanks for building a great reel, and for your part in the first of many great trips to come.

Best regards,

Ron Guerra

Dear Joe,

You know something's special about a reel when your guide asks you to please use your Saracione. When Diego said "that there was nothing like the sound a Saracione makes when the big one slams your Miller and heads downstream" it was something to consider. I had to admit he was right especially when the

19 pound hen hammered the fly and took off shortly thereafter. I gently cranked down that perfect Saracione drag and brought her to the net. A perfect way to end the day on the Rio Grande. Now I've completed my Ends of the World North South Americas Big Fish Tour going from Tierra del Fuego to the Aleutian Islands in search of big fish with long rods and I've got to tell you that he's been right in every respect. Your reels have performed perfectly in every case and drawn admiring looks from expert fisherman everywhere I went. Next is my Big Fish Small Rods Challenge and my new Saracione 3 1/4" All Silver finish Reel is ready to go on my 3 weight ACR.

Thanks again for a wonderful experience,