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MODEL SPECIFICATIONS: Model size is listed by the outside diameter of the reel. Spool width describes the inside dimension width of the spool. Reel weight is given in ounces.

Model 2 1/2” Special Midge: Spool width: 3/4”. Weight 4.85 ounces. Fly line: 2, 3, 4 wt. Capacity: WF4F no backing. Application: The 2 1/2” Special Midge has been a favorite of anglers fishing 6 to 6 ½ ft 3-4wt bamboo rods such as the Paul Young Midge. In fact we originally developed the reel specifically for a customer who had a collection of Paul Young Midge rods in 1991.

Model 2 3/4”: Spool width: 7/8”. Weight: 5.25 ounces. Fly line: 4, 5wt. Capacity: 60yds 20# micron WF4F. Application: Designed for 7-7 1/2ft bamboo rods in the 4-5wt class. This is by far our most popular trout model.

Model 3”: Spool width: 7/8”. Weight: 5.85 ounces. Fly line: 5, 6wt. Capacity: 60yds 20# micron WF6F. Application: Designed for 7 ½ -8ft bamboo rods in the 5, 6wt line class.

Model 3 1/4”: Spool width: 7/8”. Weight: 6.5 ounces. Fly line: 6,7wt. Capacity: 125yds 20# micron WF7F. Application: designed for 8-8 ½ft bamboo rods in the 6, 7wt line class. This is Joe Saracione's personal choice for his Deschutes trout fishing with an 8ft 6wt bamboo rod. The reel has plenty of capacity for light steelhead and grilse fishing in low water summer conditions.

PRICE: $4200.00 each

At this time we have not found a replacement case for supplying with our Deluxe reels.

Our Deluxe II reels are made in the old American tradition of Edward vomHofe reels with ebonite rubber side plates, German Silver protective side bands and an assortment of bronze, aluminum and stainless steel components. This is the reel that put SARACIONE on the map as a high grade collectable fly reel. This is not a reproduction of the vomHofe reels but more of a vomHofe style reel. The drag system on the trout models is a preset gear and pawl drag, precisely set to control spool overrun. The assembly of spool-to frame fit is controlled with an adjustable side play mechanism like those found on better bait casting reels. These reels are the perfect match for high grade bamboo rods where the “Classic- S- handle” reel just looks and feels at home. Production is limited on the Deluxe II reel due to the amount of hand work required to build such a product. This being said the Deluxe II reels are available factory direct only, and are made to order and delivered on a first come, first serve basis.

Please note: Our long time friend and leather case maker Arne Mason has officially retired. We wish him all the best. We are no longer supplying a hard leather case with our Deluxe reels. Each reel will be delivered with our standard neoprene case.

SARACIONE -  Deluxe II Trout Reels

Marbleized hard ebonite rubber side plates. This is a beautiful material made from natural Gutta-Percha rubber; just like our standard black rubber but mixed in a redish-orange and black marble blend. This color blend gives our Deluxe reel a whole different rich look. We are accepting orders for these reels on a 90 day delivery schedule. All of the standard Deluxe II Trout and Deluxe SD Salmon reel models are available in this beautiful material. Deluxe II Trout models are $4500.00 each, Deluxe SD Salmon models are $6,900.00 each. A 20% deposit is required with each order.